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Our game design courses are designed to help students learn the basics of game design and development. Each course serves a unique purpose and uses a specific game platform.

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If you want to create your own Game Design course from scratch or mix & match existing CodeHS content, you certainly can! Learn more about creating your own course on CodeHS.

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If you haven't checked out CodeHS you are missing out! We use their game design course that is FREE and amazing!! **They have everything you could ever need to simplify coding for your students.** They have so many other great courses too!

Nichole Milleville, Teacher

Andale High

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Thank you so much for creating the SC course! I am working with another online instructor for the state and we have around 600 students enrolled in our courses for the fall. **You just made my life much easier** - I wanted the animations and games and I am hoping that a career section will be coming soon!

Sheila Dartez, Teacher

Mauldin High School