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Join a flexible professional development membership that provides teachers year-round access to various PD opportunities to fit their learning needs and schedules.

Price Per Teacher: Only $380/year

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Unlimited Access to CodeHS Mini PD Courses

Level up your computer science education knowledge over a week or even a weekend with unlimited access to these 5-hour long online courses covering various specialized topics.

Project-Based Learning with CodeHS

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How CodeHS Works

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Building Your Course in CodeHS

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Tools and Resources for Teaching AP CSA

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Collaboration in Computer Science

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Debugging in Karel the Dog

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Debugging in Java

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Tools and Resources for Teaching AP CSP

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Exclusive Live PD Workshops

Never miss an opportunity to join a live PD workshop led by experienced CS educators! New workshop topics, experience levels, and formats will be continually added.

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Computer Science Microcredentials for Teachers

Receive recognition for your professional learning milestones through free, secure online microcredential exams! Teachers can earn a CodeHS Java, Python, JavaScript, Web Design, Web Development, and Cybersecurity microcredential badge. Learn more.

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Web Design microcredentials level 1 badge
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On-Demand Library of PD Workshops

Access an on-demand library of past CodeHS workshop and webinar recordings–covering a wide range of computer science teaching-related topics. All at your fingertips!