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Browse through our free teaching resources and level up your Web Design courses! Prepare students to build their own web pages using HTML and CSS.

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Our web design and development courses are designed to help students build their own web pages using HTML and CSS. While we do have a few options to choose from, each course serves a unique purpose.

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If you want to create your own Web Design course from scratch or mix & match existing CodeHS content, you certainly can! Learn more about creating your own course on CodeHS.

Creating Courses How-To

Python (High School)

Python Programming 1 and 2
AP Computer Science Principles in Python
Data Science with Python
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Web Design Tutorials

Tutorials are a great way to brush up on a concept or fill in a gap for content that may not be taught in one of the main courses. Each tutorial offers instruction on a specific programming concept and typically takes between 10 - 30 minutes to work through. Tutorials are easy to use and share—no CodeHS account is needed.

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Demo Programs

Coding in the Wild Blog

Provide students real-world connections and role models across various industries! Check out this Coding in the Wild blog to share stories of people who apply computer science in their day-to-day jobs.

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CodeHS Certifications

CodeHS Certifications offer high school students the opportunity to validate their mastery of programming skills, giving them a competitive advantage when entering college or the workforce.

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