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Data Structures in C++


Unit Description
C++ Basics: Students learn the basic C++ syntax and review fundamental programming concepts such as loops and conditionals.
Going Beyond The Basics: Students explore a few basic C++ principles such as structs, file handling and error handling.
Libraries: Students learn how to create and use libraries, as well as get a glimpse of the libraries we will use in the remainder of the course.
2D Vectors, Stacks, and Queues: Students explore several different sequential data structures and apply these to real-world projects.
Sets and Maps: Students apply their knowledge from the previous module while learning about associative data structures and how they can be used to solve problems.
Recursion: Students focus on problem-solving using recursive function calls and apply several basic strategies to real-world problems.
Pointers, Linked Lists, and Graphs: Students examine pointers. linked lists, and graphs and how they can be applied to different data structures to solve problems.
Final Project: Students apply different data structures in an open-ended problem format for a final project.