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Interested in bringing a Computer Science program to your school or expanding the course offerings already in place? Find resources below that you can share with teachers, admins, parents, and other stakeholders who will be involved in the conversation about expanding computer science education!


The following presentation is available for you to use to help drive any conversations you may be having around expanding computer science education.

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Presentation of Teacher Experience Walkthrough Demo

This presentation walks you through the different features and experience from a teacher perspective of using CodeHS.


CodeHS and Karel took their second USA road trip in 2015. Check out the highlights from the 13,000 miles travelled and 62 school visits in the video below.

Students, teachers, parents, and programmers from all over the Bay Area came together for a CodeHS hosted hackathon at Facebook to learn the basics of computer science.

Check out CodeHS and Karel on the road during their first trip around the USA 2013. Here are the highlights from the two month long road trip.

CS Ed Facts

We've provided the following booklet to help you learn more about computer science education and CodeHS. Browse the booklet to see how CodeHS can help you.

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