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Did You Know?

  • CodeHS Courses are aligned to Arizona Computer Science Standards

  • Arizona has K-12 Computer Science Standards

  • Arizona does not require high schools to offer Computer Science

  • CodeHS Curriculum is free

Arizona Computer Science Stats

  • 1,108 students in Arizona took the Advanced Placement Computer Science exams in 2018 (487 AP CS A, 621 AP CSP); only 24% of exams were taken by females
  • Computer programmers and software developers in Arizona have an average annual salary of $99,476, which is higher than the overall average state salary at $49,290

Sources: College Board,, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Arizona Computer Science Pathway

CodeHS courses align with Arizona middle school and high school computer science standards for a robust grade 6-12 pathway.

World of Computing
Introduction to the Internet
Arizona Computer Science
Fundamentals of Cybersecurity
AP Computer Science Principles
AP Computer Science A (Nitro)

We've Got Arizona Standards Covered

CodeHS maps all of the standards from Arizona to our courses, offering aligned and engaging curriculum in our 6-12 pathway.

Standards Framework View Alignment
Arizona 6 View (69.6%)
Arizona 7 View (60.9%)
Arizona 8 View (60.9%)
Arizona 9-12 View (100%)

Top-Notch Professional Development

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Arizona Policies & Resources

In 2018, the Arizona State Board of Education and the Arizona Department of Education developed new K-12 computer science standards. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, a huge supporter of computer science education, also announced $1 million dollars in funding to support computer science professional development in the 2019 fiscal budget.

Source: Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Office of Education

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