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1. Programming with Karel
1.1 Introduction to Programming With Karel
Video 1.1.1 Introduction to Programming With Karel
Check for Understanding 1.1.2 Quiz: Karel Commands
Example 1.1.3 Our First Karel Program
Exercise 1.1.4 Your First Karel Program
Exercise 1.1.5 Short Stack
1.2 More Basic Karel
Video 1.2.1 More Basic Karel
Check for Understanding 1.2.2 More Basic Karel Quiz
Example 1.2.3 Tennis Ball Square
Exercise 1.2.4 Make a Tower
Exercise 1.2.5 Pyramid of Karel
1.3 Karel Can't Turn Right
Video 1.3.1 Karel Can't Turn Right
Check for Understanding 1.3.2 Karel Can't Turn Right Quiz
Example 1.3.3 Tower and Turn Right
Exercise 1.3.4 Slide Karel
Exercise 1.3.5 Fireman Karel
Badge 1.3.6 Karel Turns Right Badge
1.4 Functions in Karel
Video 1.4.1 Functions in Karel
Check for Understanding 1.4.2 Functions in Karel Quiz
Example 1.4.3 Turn Around
Exercise 1.4.4 Pancakes
Exercise 1.4.5 Mario Karel
1.5 The Start Function
Video 1.5.1 The Start Function
Check for Understanding 1.5.2 The Start Function Quiz
Example 1.5.3 Tower with Start Function
Exercise 1.5.4 Pancakes with Start
1.6 Top Down Design and Decomposition in Karel
Video 1.6.1 Top Down Design and Decomposition in Karel
Check for Understanding 1.6.2 Top Down Design and Decomposition Quiz
Example 1.6.3 Hurdle Karel
Exercise 1.6.4 The Two Towers
1.7 Commenting Your Code
Video 1.7.1 Commenting Your Code
Check for Understanding 1.7.2 Commenting Your Code Quiz
Example 1.7.3 Hurdle Karel
Exercise 1.7.4 The Two Towers + Comments
1.8 Super Karel
Video 1.8.1 Super Karel
Check for Understanding 1.8.2 Super Karel Quiz
Example 1.8.3 Hurdle Karel (with SuperKarel)
Exercise 1.8.4 The Two Towers + SuperKarel
Badge 1.8.5 Super Karel Badge
1.9 For Loops
Video 1.9.1 For Loops
Check for Understanding 1.9.2 For Loops Quiz
Example 1.9.3 Repeated Move
Example 1.9.4 Put Down Tennis Balls
Exercise 1.9.5 Take 'em All
Exercise 1.9.6 Dizzy Karel
Exercise 1.9.7 Ball in Each Corner
Exercise 1.9.8 Lots of Hurdles
1.10 If Statements
Video 1.10.1 If Statements
Check for Understanding 1.10.2 If Statements Quiz
Example 1.10.3 If Statements
Example 1.10.4 Safe Take Ball
Exercise 1.10.5 Is There a Ball?
Exercise 1.10.6 Don't Crash!
1.11 If/Else Statements
Video 1.11.1 If/Else Statements
Check for Understanding 1.11.2 If/Else Statements Quiz
Example 1.11.3 If/Else Statements
Example 1.11.4 Opposite Day
Exercise 1.11.5 Right Side Up
Exercise 1.11.6 Right vs. Left Square
Badge 1.11.7 Conditional Karel Badge
1.12 While Loops in Karel
Video 1.12.1 While Loops in Karel
Check for Understanding 1.12.2 While Loops in Karel Quiz
Example 1.12.3 Move to Wall
Exercise 1.12.4 Follow The Yellow Ball Road
Exercise 1.12.5 Lay Row of Tennis Balls
Exercise 1.12.6 Big Tower
1.13 Control Structures Example
Video 1.13.1 Control Structures Example
Check for Understanding 1.13.2 Control Structures Example Quiz
Example 1.13.3 Cleanup Karel
Exercise 1.13.4 Random Hurdles
Survey 1.13.5 Mindset Survey 1
1.14 More Karel Examples and Testing
Video 1.14.1 More Karel Examples and Testing
Check for Understanding 1.14.2 Quiz: Which Control Structure?
Example 1.14.3 Move Tennis Ball Stack
Example 1.14.4 Climbing Karel
1.15 How to Indent Your Code
Video 1.15.1 How to Indent Your Code
Check for Understanding 1.15.2 How to Indent Your Code Quiz
Example 1.15.3 Dance and Clean Karel
Exercise 1.15.4 Diagonal
Exercise 1.15.5 Staircase
Badge 1.15.6 Karel Exercises Badge
1.16 Programming with Karel Quiz
Unit Quiz 1.16.1 Programming with Karel Quiz
2. What is Computing?
2.1 History of Computers
Video 2.1.1 History of Computers
Check for Understanding 2.1.2 Video Quiz
Notes 2.1.3 Mission: Who invented the computer?
Free Response 2.1.4 Evidence Collection
Connection 2.1.5 Exhibit A: Charles Babbage
Connection 2.1.6 Exhibit B: Ada Lovelace
Connection 2.1.7 Exhibit C: Alan Turing
Connection 2.1.8 Exhibit D: Mauchly and Eckert
Connection 2.1.9 Exhibit E: ENIAC Programmers
Connection 2.1.10 Exhibit F: Grace Hopper
Connection 2.1.11 Exhibit G: Mark Dean
Connection 2.1.12 Bonus Exhibit: Computer Inventors
Free Response 2.1.13 Culminating Activity
2.2 Computer Organization
Video 2.2.1 Computer Organization
Check for Understanding 2.2.2 Video Quiz
Connection 2.2.3 Draw a Computer
Check for Understanding 2.2.4 What Kind of Device?
2.3 Software
Video 2.3.1 Software
Check for Understanding 2.3.2 Software Quiz
Connection 2.3.3 Software Explained
Free Response 2.3.4 Computer Applications You Use
Free Response 2.3.5 Operating Systems
2.4 History of Operating Systems
Video 2.4.1 Operating Systems
Check for Understanding 2.4.2 Operating Systems Quiz
Example 2.4.3 Detect My OS
Connection 2.4.4 History of Operating Systems
Free Response 2.4.5 Timeline: History of Operating Systems
2.5 Hardware
Video 2.5.1 Hardware
Check for Understanding 2.5.2 Hardware Quiz
Check for Understanding 2.5.3 Pick the Label
Free Response 2.5.4 Label Your Computer
Free Response 2.5.5 Computer Analogy
Free Response 2.5.6 Hardware vs. Software
Badge 2.5.7 Hardware Badge
2.6 Future of Computing
Video 2.6.1 Future of Computing
Check for Understanding 2.6.2 Video Quiz
Connection 2.6.3 Using DNA for Storage
Free Response 2.6.4 Class Activity: Advancing Technology
Connection 2.6.5 Pros and Cons of AI
Free Response 2.6.6 AI: Is It a Bad Thing?
2.7 What is Computing? Quiz
Unit Quiz 2.7.1 What is Computing? Quiz
3. Electrical Circuits
3.1 Safety Guidelines
Video 3.1.1 Internet Safety
Check for Understanding 3.1.2 Internet Safety
Connection 3.1.3 Basic Lab Safety
Free Response 3.1.4 Reflection: Basic Safety rules
Exercise 3.1.5 One Pager: What Rules Exist
3.2 Introduction to Tinkercad Circuits
Video 3.2.1 Introduction to Tinkercad
Notes 3.2.2 Sign Up on Tinkercad
Connection 3.2.3 Exploration: Tinkercad
Video 3.2.4 The Tinkercad Multimeter
Connection 3.2.5 Exploration: The Tinkercad Multimeter
3.3 Introduction to Electrical Principles
Video 3.3.1 Introduction to Electrical Principles
Quiz 3.3.2 Quiz: Electrical Laws
Connection 3.3.3 Exploration: Ohm's Law
Quiz 3.3.4 Quiz to Calculate Ohms Law
3.4 Logic Gates and Chips
Video 3.4.1 Logical Operators and Gates
Quiz 3.4.2 Quiz: Logical Operators and Gates
Connection 3.4.3 Exploration: AND and OR Gates
3.5 Electrical Circuits Quiz
Quiz 3.5.1 Electrical Circuits: Quiz
4. Web Design
4.1 Introduction to HTML
Video 4.1.1 Introduction to HTML
Check for Understanding 4.1.2 Introduction to HTML Quiz
Example 4.1.3 Our First HTML Page
Exercise 4.1.4 Say Hello!
4.2 Structure of an HTML Page
Video 4.2.1 Structure of an HTML Page
Check for Understanding 4.2.2 Structure of an HTML Page Quiz
Example 4.2.3 HTML Template
Example 4.2.4 Hello World Page
Exercise 4.2.5 The <title> Tag
Exercise 4.2.6 Your First HTML Page
4.3 Formatting Text
Video 4.3.1 Formatting Text
Check for Understanding 4.3.2 Formatting Text Quiz
Example 4.3.3 Dictionary
Exercise 4.3.4 That's Bold
Exercise 4.3.5 Artificial Intelligence
Exercise 4.3.6 State Capitals
Badge 4.3.7 Formatting Badge
4.4 Links
Video 4.4.1 Links
Check for Understanding 4.4.2 Links Quiz
Example 4.4.3 The <a> Tag
Exercise 4.4.4 Simple Link
Exercise 4.4.5 My Favorite Websites
4.5 Images
Video 4.5.1 Images
Check for Understanding 4.5.2 Images Quiz
Example 4.5.3 The <img> Tag
Example 4.5.4 Building the CodeHS Homepage
Exercise 4.5.5 Collage on a Theme
Exercise 4.5.6 Linking an Image
Exercise 4.5.7 Personal Library
Survey 4.5.8 Mindsets
4.6 HTML Lists
Video 4.6.1 HTML Lists
Check for Understanding 4.6.2 HTML Lists Quiz
Example 4.6.3 Grocery Shopping
Exercise 4.6.4 Favorite Things
Exercise 4.6.5 To-Do List
Exercise 4.6.6 List Article
4.7 HTML Tables
Video 4.7.1 HTML Tables
Check for Understanding 4.7.2 HTML Tables Quiz
Example 4.7.3 Address Book
Exercise 4.7.4 Favorite Songs
Exercise 4.7.5 Calendar
4.8 HTML Styling
Video 4.8.1 HTML Styling
Check for Understanding 4.8.2 HTML Styling Quiz
Example 4.8.3 Stylish Address Book
Exercise 4.8.4 Background Colors
Exercise 4.8.5 Style Your To-Do List
Badge 4.8.6 Styling Badge
4.9 Introduction to CSS
Video 4.9.1 Introduction to CSS
Check for Understanding 4.9.2 Introduction to CSS Quiz
Example 4.9.3 Styling your H1s
Exercise 4.9.4 First style with CSS
Exercise 4.9.5 List Styling
4.10 CSS Select by Tag
Video 4.10.1 CSS Select by Tag
Check for Understanding 4.10.2 CSS Select by Tag Quiz
Example 4.10.3 Rainbow
Example 4.10.4 Dog Styling
Exercise 4.10.5 Restaurant Menu
Exercise 4.10.6 Put Karel Together
4.11 CSS Select by Class
Video 4.11.1 CSS Select by Class
Check for Understanding 4.11.2 CSS Select by Class Quiz
Example 4.11.3 Simple Checkerboard
Exercise 4.11.4 Tic Tac Toe
Exercise 4.11.5 Music Library
4.12 CSS Select by ID
Video 4.12.1 CSS Select by ID
Check for Understanding 4.12.2 CSS Select by ID Quiz
Example 4.12.3 Logo
Exercise 4.12.4 Favorite Dog
Exercise 4.12.5 Bingo
4.13 Project: Make a Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Page
Challenge 4.13.1 Make a Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet
4.14 Web Design Quiz
Unit Quiz 4.14.1 Web Design Quiz
5. Project - Create a Website
5.1 Using Teams to Create Websites
Video 5.1.1 Project Teams
Connection 5.1.2 Real World Connection
Free Response 5.1.3 Reflection: Real World Connection
5.2 Project Overview
Resource 5.2.1 Project Overview
Connection 5.2.2 Innovative Brainstorm
Free Response 5.2.3 Innovative Brainstorm
Free Response 5.2.4 Survey Customer Needs
Free Response 5.2.5 Survey Responses
5.3 Planning Your Site
Free Response 5.3.1 Determine Your Objectives
Free Response 5.3.2 Create a Sitemap
Free Response 5.3.3 Create a Project Timeline
5.4 Project: Your First Website
Example 5.4.1 Example Website
Connection 5.4.2 Real World Homepage
Free Response 5.4.3 Guiding Rules and Standards
Challenge 5.4.4 Set Up Your Website
Challenge 5.4.5 Create Your Innovative Website
6. Digital Information
6.1 Intro to Digital Information
Video 6.1.1 What is Digital Information?
Check for Understanding 6.1.2 What is Digital Information Quiz
Example 6.1.3 Fast Food Menu
Example 6.1.4 DNA
Free Response 6.1.5 Reflection: Encodings Everywhere
6.2 Number Systems
Video 6.2.1 Number Systems
Notes 6.2.2 Number Base Tool
Check for Understanding 6.2.3 Number Systems Quiz
Video 6.2.4 Decimal to Binary
Check for Understanding 6.2.5 Decimal to Binary Quiz
Exercise 6.2.6 Binary Game
Exercise 6.2.7 Overflow Error
Example 6.2.8 More Overflow Errors
6.3 Encoding Text with Binary
Video 6.3.1 Encoding Text with Binary
Check for Understanding 6.3.2 Encoding Text with Binary Quiz
Example 6.3.3 Morse Code
Example 6.3.4 Decoding a Binary Message
Example 6.3.5 2-bit Custom Encoding
Example 6.3.6 Bits to ASCII
Exercise 6.3.7 Hello Karel in Bits
Exercise 6.3.8 Create your own Encoding
Exercise 6.3.9 Text to Binary
Badge 6.3.10 Encoding Badge
6.4 Pixel Images
Video 6.4.1 Pixel Images
Check for Understanding 6.4.2 Pixel Images Quiz
Resource 6.4.3 Creating Pixel Images
Example 6.4.4 CodeHS Logo
Exercise 6.4.5 Checkerboard
Exercise 6.4.6 Ladder
Exercise 6.4.7 Create an Image!
6.5 Hexadecimal
Video 6.5.1 Hexadecimal
Check for Understanding 6.5.2 Hexadecimal Quiz
Example 6.5.3 Hexadecimal to Decimal
Exercise 6.5.4 Binary to Hex Game
6.6 Pixel Colors!
Video 6.6.1 Pixel Colors
Check for Understanding 6.6.2 Pixel Colors Quiz
Example 6.6.3 Colors in Bits
Example 6.6.4 Colors in Text
Example 6.6.5 Colors in RGB
Exercise 6.6.6 Exploring RGB
Exercise 6.6.7 Making Yellow
Exercise 6.6.8 Rainbow
Exercise 6.6.9 Create a Color Image!
6.7 Data Compression
Video 6.7.1 Data Compression
Check for Understanding 6.7.2 Data Compression Quiz
Video 6.7.3 Run Length Encoding
Check for Understanding 6.7.4 Run Length Encoding Quiz
Example 6.7.5 Run Length Encoding
Example 6.7.6 Custom Image Compression
Free Response 6.7.7 Respond: Custom Image Compression
6.8 Lossy Compression
Video 6.8.1 Lossy Compression
Check for Understanding 6.8.2 Lossy Compression Quiz
Example 6.8.3 Remove the Vowels
Exercise 6.8.4 Decreasing Resolution
Connection 6.8.5 Analog to Digital
Free Response 6.8.6 Respond: Analog to Digital
6.9 Troubleshooting Computer Issues
Free Response 6.9.1 The Troubleshooting Process
6.10 Digital Information Quiz
Unit Quiz 6.10.1 Digital Information Quiz
7. The Internet
7.1 Welcome to the Internet
Video 7.1.1 Welcome to the Internet
Check for Understanding 7.1.2 Welcome to the Internet Quiz
Free Response 7.1.3 Reflection: The Internet and You
7.2 Internet Hardware
Video 7.2.1 Devices and Networks
Video 7.2.2 Hardware of the Internet
Check for Understanding 7.2.3 Internet Hardware Quiz
Connection 7.2.4 The Internet is in the Ocean
7.3 Internet Addresses
Video 7.3.1 Internet Addresses
Check for Understanding 7.3.2 Internet Addresses Quiz
Free Response 7.3.3 Free Response: The Need for Addresses
Check for Understanding 7.3.4 4-bit Addresses
Free Response 7.3.5 Free Response: IPv4 vs IPv6
7.4 Viewing Websites
Video 7.4.1 Viewing Websites
Check for Understanding 7.4.2 Viewing Websites Quiz
Free Response 7.4.3 Free Response: Explaining a URL
7.5 DNS and Routing
Video 7.5.1 DNS
Check for Understanding 7.5.2 DNS Quiz
Connection 7.5.3 How Does DNS Work?
Free Response 7.5.4 Respond: How Does DNS Work?
Badge 7.5.5 DNS Badge
7.6 Routing
Video 7.6.1 Routing
Check for Understanding 7.6.2 Routing Quiz
Free Response 7.6.3 Free Response: Redundancy
Traceroute 7.6.4 Route Tracing
7.7 Packets and Protocols
Video 7.7.1 Packets and Protocols
Check for Understanding 7.7.2 Packets and Protocols Quiz
Resource 7.7.3 Passing Notes
Connection 7.7.4 How the Internet Works
Free Response 7.7.5 The Story of the Internet
7.8 Sequential, Parallel & Distributed Computing
Video 7.8.1 Computer Processing Operations
Check for Understanding 7.8.2 Computer Processing Operations Quiz
Resource 7.8.3 Sequential vs. Parallel Activity
Free Response 7.8.4 Free Response: Sequential vs. Parallel
7.9 Cybersecurity
Video 7.9.1 Cybersecurity
Check for Understanding 7.9.2 Cybersecurity Quiz
Example 7.9.3 You Can Be Tracked!
Connection 7.9.4 Website Cookies
Connection 7.9.5 Password Strength
Free Response 7.9.6 Reflection: Password Strength
Example 7.9.7 Multifactor Authentication
Free Response 7.9.8 Reflection: PII
Example 7.9.9 Phishing Simulator
Connection 7.9.10 Rogue Access Points
Survey 7.9.11 Mindsets
7.10 The Impact of the Internet
Video 7.10.1 The Impact of the Internet
Check for Understanding 7.10.2 The Impact of the Internet Quiz
Free Response 7.10.3 Reflection: Internet Impact
Connection 7.10.4 Crucial Steps to Close the Digital Divide
Free Response 7.10.5 Reflection: Closing the Digital Divide
Connection 7.10.6 Pokemon Go: Unintended Effects
Free Response 7.10.7 Reflection: Unintended Effects
7.11 Creative Credit & Copyright
Video 7.11.1 Creative Credit and Copyright
Check for Understanding 7.11.2 Creative Credit and Copyright
Free Response 7.11.3 Cite!
Connection 7.11.4 Exploring Creative Commons
Free Response 7.11.5 Respond: Creative Commons
Free Response 7.11.6 Task: Finding Images
Free Response 7.11.7 Reflection: Why is Copyright Important?
7.12 Careers and Ethics in the Internet Age
Video 7.12.1 Computer Science All Around Us
Quiz 7.12.2 Computer Science All Around Us
Connection 7.12.3 CS Careers
Free Response 7.12.4 CS Career Response
Connection 7.12.5 ACM General Ethical Principles
Free Response 7.12.6 ACM General Ethical Principles
Connection 7.12.7 The Role of Professional Societies
Free Response 7.12.8 Submit: The Role of Professional Societies
7.13 The Internet Quiz
Unit Quiz 7.13.1 The Internet Quiz
Badge 7.13.2 The Internet Badge
8. Cloud Computing
8.1 Cloud Computing
Connection 8.1.1 What is Cloud Computing?
Free Response 8.1.2 Reflection: What is Cloud Computing?
Connection 8.1.3 Connect to AWS
Free Response 8.1.4 Case Study: Cloud Computer
8.2 History of Cloud Computing
Connection 8.2.1 History of Cloud Computing Research
Presentation 8.2.2 Project: History of Cloud Computing
8.3 Cloud vs Physical Computing
Free Response 8.3.1 AWS Education: Cloud Computing
Exercise 8.3.2 Research: Cloud Computing Deployment Models
8.4 The Internet of Things
Connection 8.4.1 Internet of Things
Connection 8.4.2 IoT Deep Dive
Free Response 8.4.3 IoT Reflection
Free Response 8.4.4 Smart Devices in Your Life
9. What is Cybersecurity?
9.1 What is Cybersecurity?
Video 9.1.1 What is Cybersecurity?
Check for Understanding 9.1.2 What is Cybersecurity?
Connection 9.1.3 City Services Ransomware
Free Response 9.1.4 Ransomware Reflection
Example 9.1.5 Ransomware Simulator
Connection 9.1.6 Internet of Things
Connection 9.1.7 Hackers vs. Smart Homes
Free Response 9.1.8 Internet of Things Reflection
9.2 Impact of Cybersecurity
Video 9.2.1 Impact of Cybersecurity
Check for Understanding 9.2.2 Impact of Cybersecurity
Example 9.2.3 Phishing Simulator
Connection 9.2.4 Phishing for Your Info
Free Response 9.2.5 Phishing Reflection
Connection 9.2.6 Cyber Game
Free Response 9.2.7 Cyber Game Reflection
Connection 9.2.8 Cyber Crime Time
Free Response 9.2.9 Cyber Crime Time Reflection
9.3 The CIA Triad
Video 9.3.1 CIA Triad
Check for Understanding 9.3.2 CIA Triad
Free Response 9.3.3 Which part of the CIA Triad?
Free Response 9.3.4 Which part of the CIA Triad?
Free Response 9.3.5 Breach of Confidentiality
Free Response 9.3.6 Breach of Availability
Free Response 9.3.7 CIA Connections
9.4 System Administration
Video 9.4.1 User Accounts
Check for Understanding 9.4.2 User Accounts Quiz
Free Response 9.4.3 User Accounts
Free Response 9.4.4 Shared Folders and Files
Video 9.4.5 Host Security
Check for Understanding 9.4.6 Host Security Quiz
Free Response 9.4.7 Security Baseline
9.5 What is Cybersecurity? Quiz
Unit Quiz 9.5.1 What is Cybersecurity? Quiz
10. Data
10.1 Getting Started with Data
Video 10.1.1 Getting Started with Data
Check for Understanding 10.1.2 Getting Started with Data Quiz
Connection 10.1.3 What Do We Do With Data?
Free Response 10.1.4 Reflection: Continuously Collecting Data
10.2 Visualizing and Interpreting Data
Video 10.2.1 Visualizing Data
Check for Understanding 10.2.2 Visualizing Data Quiz
Notes 10.2.3 Exploring Data Visualizations
Connection 10.2.4 US Recorded Music Revenue
Connection 10.2.5 National Parks
Connection 10.2.6 March Madness
Connection 10.2.7 Captain Marvel
Free Response 10.2.8 Respond: Visualizations
Free Response 10.2.9 Free Response: Choosing a Visualization
Check for Understanding 10.2.10 Visualizing & Interpreting Data Quiz
10.3 Data Collection & Limitations
Video 10.3.1 Collecting Data
Check for Understanding 10.3.2 Collecting Data Quiz
Free Response 10.3.3 Reflection: Design a Survey
Free Response 10.3.4 Reflection: Self-Driving Cars
Check for Understanding 10.3.5 Data Collection Quiz
Video 10.3.6 Data Limitations
Check for Understanding 10.3.7 Interpreting Data Quiz
Example 10.3.8 Line Graph
Example 10.3.9 Bar Graph
Example 10.3.10 Pie Chart
Free Response 10.3.11 Reflection: Importance of Metadata
10.4 Data Quiz
Unit Quiz 10.4.1 Data Quiz
11. Advanced Coding Concepts
11.1 File Management for Websites
Video 11.1.1 Splitting Your Site into Files
Check for Understanding 11.1.2 Splitting Your Site into Files Quiz
Example 11.1.3 Multipage Site Example
Exercise 11.1.4 Add a Style Sheet
Exercise 11.1.5 Dividing the Site
Video 11.1.6 Using Different Folders
Example 11.1.7 Multi-folder Site Example
Exercise 11.1.8 Create an Image Website
11.2 Command Line Interface
Notes 11.2.1 Linux/MacOS vs. Windows
Video 11.2.2 Command Line Interface
Check for Understanding 11.2.3 Command Line Interface Quiz
Resource 11.2.4 Command Equivalents
Video 11.2.5 Windows Command Prompt
Free Response 11.2.6 Windows Command Prompt
Free Response 11.2.7 Directory Directions
Connection 11.2.8 Neural Interface?
Free Response 11.2.9 Neural Interface?
11.3 Network Management
Notes 11.3.1 Linux/MacOS vs. Windows
Video 11.3.2 Network Management
Check for Understanding 11.3.3 Network Management Quiz
Example 11.3.4 MacOS Terminal Simulation
Example 11.3.5 Windows Command Prompt Simulation
Video 11.3.6 Windows Command Prompt Spy
Free Response 11.3.7 Windows Command Prompt Spy
Notes 11.3.8 SSH Logs
Example 11.3.9 SSH Logs
Free Response 11.3.10 Reading Logs
11.4 Shell Scripts
Video 11.4.1 Shell Scripts
Quiz 11.4.2 Quiz
Example 11.4.3 Compiling and Running Program
Example 11.4.4 Searching a Website
Exercise 11.4.5 Big or Small
Exercise 11.4.6 Run Python
Exercise 11.4.7 Searching a List
11.5 Software Development Life Cycle
Video 11.5.1 Development Life Cycle
Check for Understanding 11.5.2 Development Life Cycle
Connection 11.5.3 What is GitHub?
Free Response 11.5.4 Reflection: What is GitHub?
Free Response 11.5.5 Researching Collaborative Platforms