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Texas Fundamentals of Computer Science 2022


Unit Description
Welcome!: Students think about why everyone should learn how to program.
Introduction to Programming: Students explore the fundamentals of programming by giving commands to Karel the Dog using JavaScript syntax, functions, control structures, and proper programming formatting.
Project: Pair-Programming with Karel Paint!: Students apply their knowledge of programming with Karel to design a beautiful piece of art!
What is Computing?: Students dive into the history of computing, consider how computing impacts today's world, and learn about the various parts that make up modern computers.
Digital Information: Students learn about the various ways we represent information digitally including number systems, encoding data, and creating pixel images.
Basic JavaScript: Students learn the basics of JavaScript, including variables, user input, mathematics, and randomization.
The Internet: Students explore the structure and design of the internet, and how this design affects the reliability of network communication, the security of data, and personal privacy.
Web Design: Students learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and the processes involved in viewing web pages on the internet. Students create several simple web pages using the CodeHS online editor to gain practice!
Project: Designing for Impact: Students learn about what makes an engaging and accessible user interface and will employ an iterative design process including rapid prototyping and user testing to design and develop their own engaging web pages.
Digital Citizenship and Cyber Hygiene: Students learn Internet etiquette, ways to stay safe on the world wide web, potential effects of our digital footprints, how to protect information from online risks, and the implications of cyberbullying.

Unit Description
Coding in Sports: Students will learn the basics of coding through sports! In this block-coding course, students develop their own sports video games and simulations using code. Throughout the module, students build different sports visualizations and multi-level games that can be played with friends
Extra Karel Practice: It can take some time to learn all of Karel's tricks. Brush up here with some extra Karel practice problems. These reinforce all of the fundamental concepts introduced in Karel, including commands, functions, loops, conditions control structures, and problem decomposition.
Extra Karel Puzzles: A set of all the trickiest Karel puzzles for you to solve
What is Cybersecurity?: This module gives an introduction to cybersecurity. It focuses on why cybersecurity is important, recent threats to cybersecurity, and different careers in the field.
What is Computing? Original Material:
New Material (2020-2021):