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Creating a Game in Roblox


Unit Description
Intro to Roblox: This module will introduce students to the metaverse world of Roblox, explore the concepts of game design, and provide a detailed tour of the Roblox Studio interface and tools used to create games for the Roblox platform.
Building in Roblox Studio: Students will be able to build a Roblox obstacle course ("obby") game with checkpoints after completing this module. Parts and models will be used to create the obstacles with tools designed to select, move, scale, and rotate added to students' game design toolsets.
Scripting in Roblox Studio: Using provided code scripts, students will be able to use the Lua programming language to make obstacles disappear, have a platform fade away to nothing, and make a pool of deadly lava. No prior coding experience is necessary for this module.
Customization and Beyond: Utilizing the skills and tools from the previous modules, students will channel their creativity to customize their games and make them unique. Students will also learn about the different pathways in the game design industry, reflect on what they have learned in the course, and participate in a discussion of the future of the metaverse.