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CSTA Framework Pathway

This is the standards-aligned pathway for the Computer Science Teachers Association standards framework.


The CSTA K–12 Computer Science Standards, released in 2017, delineate a core set of learning objectives designed to provide the foundation for a complete computer science curriculum and its implementation at the K–12 level. To this end, the CSTA Standards: 1. Introduce the fundamental concepts of computer science to all students, beginning at the elementary school level. 2. Present computer science at the secondary school level in a way that can fulfill a computer science, math, or science graduation credit. 3. Encourage schools to offer additional secondary-level computer science courses that will allow interested students to study facets of computer science in more depth and prepare them for entry into the workforce or college. 4. Increase the availability of rigorous computer science for all students, especially those who are members of underrepresented groups.

6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
Tech Apps and Coding
Foundations of Computer Science
AP Computer Science Principles
AP Computer Science A (Nitro)
CSTA Course 3B