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AP Computer Science A (Nitro)

This course is fully aligned to the College Board AP CS A course standards. Learn the basics of object-oriented programming with a focus on problem solving and algorithm development. Take this course and prepare to ace the AP Java test.

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CodeHS AP CSA Curriculum Overview

Course Overview

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Primitive Types
Students learn about writing the main method and start to call preexisting methods to produce output. Students learn about three built-in data types and learn how to create variables, store values, and interact with those variables using basic operations.
Using Objects
Students learn how to create and use classes and objects. This unit builds on students’ ability to write expressions by introducing them to Math class and String methods to write expressions for generating random numbers and other more complex operations.
Boolean Expressions and if Statements
Students learn the syntax and proper use of conditional statements in Java, as well as how to implement Boolean variables in their programs by writing Boolean expressions with relational and logical operators.
Students learn how to use iteration to improve the reusability and speed of their programs. Students evaluate which iterative structures should be used in a given context, and build programs that require them to choose the iterative structure that works best.
Writing Classes
Students learn how to create and implement complex classes and objects.
Students learn about how to use and manipulate data in the form of arrays. Students explore the limitations of primitive data types in the context of storing data, and develop programs that use arrays to store and search for data.
Students learn about the limitations of arrays, and are introduced to a new data structure - ArrayLists. Students are asked to compare the two data structures and implement programs that utilize each.
2D Array
Students learn how to store data in increasingly complex ways by introducing them to the 2D arrays. Students learn standard algorithms to utilize and search 2D arrays, as well as ways to use them effectively in their programs.
Students learn how to recognize common attributes and behaviors that can be used in a superclass and create hierarchies by writing subclasses to extend a superclass.
Students learn how to write simple recursive methods and determine the purpose or output of a recursive method by tracing.

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Demo Programs

Explore programs that your students will build throughout this course!

College Board Endorsed

CodeHS is an endorsed provider by the College Board for AP computer science courses and PD. This endorsement affirms only the components of Endorsed Provider's offerings aligned to all the AP Curriculum Framework standards and the AP CS assessments.

Course Resources

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Industry-Relevant Certifications for High School Computer Science

The CodeHS Java Level 1 Certification offers high school students the opportunity to validate their mastery of Java, giving them a competitive advantage when entering college or the workforce.

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Professional Development

Teaching AP® Computer Science A

Learn how to lead a successful AP® Computer Science A class with CodeHS. The Teaching AP® Computer Science A professional development course prepares teachers to teach AP® Computer Science A with a focus on the Java programming language. Teachers will practice the skills they need to teach tricky concepts, debug programs, answer questions, and lead a blended classroom.

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AP Computer Science A (Nitro) is aligned with the following standards

Standards Framework View Alignment
AP Computer Science A View (100%)
Certiport IT Specialist Java View (88.2%)
Texas Computer Science 2 View (72.2%)

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Actions for Teachers

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AP® Computer Science A FRQ Center

This page lists resources for you and your students to practice AP® Computer Science A FRQs. It includes PDFs, pre-entered code, and autograded practice problems from past AP® CSA exams.

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