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Intro to Programming with Karel and micro:bit


Unit Description
Introduction to Programming: Students meet Karel and learn the fundamentals of writing a program by giving Karel commands to complete simple tasks.
Intro to micro:bit: Students learn the basics of the micro:bit, such as how to light up and change the brightness of LEDs and how to use variables to write more versatile programs.
Functions: Students learn how to teach Karel new commands by combining existing commands and defining functions.
Super Karel and For Loops: Students meet SuperKarel, who can turn right. Students learn how to repeat commands with for loops.
If Statements: Students learn how to use if statements when solving problems. By having Karel check for specific conditions, students can write programs that can be executed successfully in multiple scenarios.
While Loops: Students build on their understanding of for loops as they learn how to use while loops to repeat commands while a specific condition is true.
Program Control with micro:bit: Students combine control structures, such as if/else statements and loops, with the micro:bit built-in and external sensors to write programs that react to the outside world.
Control Structures: Students practice using For Loops, While Loops, and If Statements to write complex programs.
Karel Challenges: Students solve some tricky challenge puzzles with Karel that combine the concepts they have learned throughout the entire course.
Advanced micro:bit: Students explore all of the capabilities of the micro:bit on their own as they research, explore, and teach their peers about new sensors.
Final Project: Students flex their creative muscles and write a creative program with Karel!

Unit Description
Extra Karel Practice: It can take some time to learn all of Karel's tricks. Brush up here with some extra Karel practice problems. These reinforce all of the fundamental concepts introduced in Karel, including commands, functions, loops, conditions control structures, and problem decomposition.
Extra Karel Challenges: A set of all the trickiest Karel puzzles for you to solve
Using Variables in JavaScript: Students learn how and why we use variables in programs. This module can be used to cover the variables content that is required before students begin working with the micro:bit device.