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Did You Know?

  • Missouri has K-12 computer science standards

  • Missouri does not require high schools to offer computer science

  • CodeHS courses are aligned to Missouri computer science standards

  • CodeHS curriculum is free

Missouri Computer Science Stats

  • 1,034 students in Missouri took the Advanced Placement Computer Science exams in 2019 (560 AP CSA, 474 AP CSP); only 11% of exams were taken by females
  • Computer programmers and software developers in Missouri have an average annual salary of $88,183, which is higher than the average state salary at $46,460

Sources: College Board, Department of Education, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Missouri Computer Science Pathway

CodeHS courses align with Missouri middle school and high school computer science standards for a robust grade 6-12 pathway.

Intro to Programming with Karel the Dog (Ace)
Intro to Python with Tracy
Introduction to the Internet
World of Computing
Introduction to Cybersecurity (Caesar)
Web Design (Matisse)
Computing Ideas (Lovelace)
Creative Computing (HS)
Introduction to Computer Science in JavaScript (Golden)
Web Design (Picasso)
Introduction to Virtual Reality
Intro to Computer Science in Python 3
AP Computer Science Principles
Fundamentals of Cybersecurity
AP Computer Science A (Nitro)
Mobile Apps

We've Got Missouri Standards Covered

CodeHS maps all of the standards from Missouri to our courses, offering aligned and engaging curriculum in our 6-12 pathway.

Standards Framework View Alignment
Missouri 11-12 View (51.7%)
Missouri 6-8 View (56.5%)
Missouri 9-10 View (66.7%)

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Missouri Policies & Resources

In 2018, a group of educators began developing K-12 computer science standards for Missouri schools and by 2019, these standards were passed by Missouri Governor Mike Parson. Learn More.

At this point, Missouri does not require computer science in schools, however, a computer science course can count as a high school math class for graduation.

Source: Missouri Department of Education

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