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Standards Framework

for Utah Web Development II


Standards in this Framework

Standard Description
1.1 Use advanced HTML5 elements to create web pages.
2.1 Use selectors in a CSS.
2.2 Format page layout with advanced CSS.
2.3 Frameworks to layout web pages.
2.4 Code animation and graphics with advanced CSS
3.1 Create a website plan and pitch for a client
3.2 Create content for website.
3.3 Uploading and maintaining a site.
3.4 Use version control in projects.
3.5 Work as a team to create a website.
4.1 Demonstrate the use of scripting and other interactive tools.
4.2 Understand other web technologies. (When to use database, CMS Systems)
5.1 Intro to JavaScript.
5.2 Variables in JavaScript.
5.3 Input in JavaScript.
5.4 Conditionals in JavaScript.
5.5 Functions in JavaScript.
6.1 Explore IT Web Development careers.
6.2 Create a Student portfolio.
6.3 Participate in a CTSO, Utah Digital Media Arts, or competition.