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Standards Framework

for South Dakota Foundations of Technology


Standards in this Framework

Standard Description
FT 1.1 Modify and manipulate paragraphs and paragraph formatting
FT 1.2 Use tables to enhance documents
FT 1.3 Customize document formatting
FT 1.4 Create a mail merge document
FT 1.5 Create and use features of word processing software
FT 1.6 Format characters
FT 1.7 Use Help features
FT 2.1 Format a spreadsheet to enhance its appearance
FT 2.2 Insert formulas into a worksheet to enhance its functionality
FT 2.3 Manipulate data within and between workbooks
FT 2.4 Create charts within a spreadsheet to represent data graphically
FT 3.1 Create a presentation using presentation software
FT 3.2 Modify a presentation
FT 3.3 Add visual appeal and animation to a presentation
FT 3.4 Add visual elements to a presentation
FT 3.5 Share and present professional presentations
FT 4.1 Use an operating system’s file manager to navigate using various methods to different locations and manage files
FT 4.2 Manipulate the operating system’s built-in search features
FT 5.1 Demonstrate knowledge of features in the operating system
FT 5.2 Analyze operating system capabilities and restrictions
FT 6.1 Demonstrate advanced search techniques within a search engine
FT 6.2 Analyze different search engines
FT 6.3 Evaluate different Internet browsers
FT 7.1 Create a database table
FT 7.2 Create relationships between database tables
FT 7.3 Perform queries and filter records
FT 7.4 Create forms in the database
FT 7.5 Create reports in the database
FT 8.1 Demonstrate various methods of backing up files using different options
FT 8.2 Conduct Internet browser maintenance
FT 8.3 Explain the importance of antivirus software
FT 8.4 Communicate an understanding of the importance of password creation and management
FT 9.1 Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of privacy and security within relevant technological tools
FT 9.2 Analyze the effect of technology on relationships and communication
FT 9.3 Demonstrate the complexity of safe, legal and responsible creation of digital footprints and reputations
FT 9.4 Follow ethical and legal guidelines in gathering and using digital information and applications
FT 9.5 Effectively decipher reliable information on the web