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Utah Web Development I Framework


Standard Description
1.1 Demonstrate knowledge of standard copyright rules. Lessons
1.2 Identify the use and purpose of acceptable use policy (AUP). Lessons
1.3 Understand ethical behavior as it relates to an AUP, Intellectual Property, Netiquette, Respecting Privacy, Anti-Spamming Laws, etc. Lessons
2.1 Demonstrate knowledge required to develop an HTML document. Lessons
2.2 Explain appropriate file structure and naming. Lessons
2.3 Use the DOCTYPE Declaration Lessons
2.4 Know, develop, and use the rules to create “well formed” web pages with appropriate HTML structure and standards that can be validated. (W3C) Lessons
2.5 Demonstrate the use of elements and attributes. Lessons
2.6 Use meta tags for page documentation and search engine optimization Lessons
3.1 Apply essential syntax & parts of the CSS. (CSS box model) Lessons
3.2 Apply CSS to your website. Lessons
3.3 Students will format web pages using CSS (Modify background properties, font properties, and border properties) Lessons
3.4 Format page layout using CSS. (Use width and height to adjust size, absolute and static position) Lessons
4.1 Analyze Project requirements. Lessons
4.2 Users are the focus of all design. (Plan a website using sketches, design elements that are easy to use) Lessons
5.1 Open, edit, and save an image for effective use on your website. Lessons
5.2 Incorporate a logo, header into Web page. Lessons
5.3 Incorporate images into a Web page. Lessons
6.1 Explore IT Web Development careers. Lessons
6.2 Create a Student portfolio. Lessons