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Tennessee Cybersecurity II: 6

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Analyze and differentiate among various types of attacks on systems and networks. Create a table or other graphic organizer that lists the following types of attacks and details their purposes and characteristics. Different types of attacks can include but are not limited to: a. Virus b. Worms c. Trojans d. Unpatched software e. Password cracking f. Advanced persistent threat g. Reconnaissance/footprinting h. Infiltration i. Network breach j. Network exploitation k. Attack for effects (e.g., deceive, disrupt, degrade, and destroy) l. DoS/DDoS, session hijacking m. HTTP spoofing n. DNS attacks o. Switch attacks p. Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks q. Cross site scripting r. Drive-by-attacks

5.3 Common Network Attacks
5.4 Additional Attacks
8.5 Common Network Attacks
8.6 Additional Attacks
14.3 Common Network Attacks
14.4 Additional Attacks