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New Jersey 6-8 Design Thinking Framework


Standard Description
8.2.8.EC.1 Explain ethical issues that may arise from the use of new technologies. Lessons
8.2.8.EC.2 Examine the effects of ethical and unethical practices in product design and development Lessons
8.2.8.ED.1 Evaluate the function, value, and aesthetics of a technological product or system, from the perspective of the user and the producer. Lessons
8.2.8.ED.2 Identify the steps in the design process that could be used to solve a problem. Lessons
8.2.8.ED.3 Develop a proposal for a solution to a real-world problem that includes a model (e.g., physical prototype, graphical/technical sketch). Lessons
8.2.8.ED.4 Investigate a malfunctioning system, identify its impact, and explain the step-by-step process used to troubleshoot, evaluate, and test options to repair the product in a collaborative team. Lessons
8.2.8.ED.5 Explain the need for optimization in a design process Lessons
8.2.8.ED.6 Analyze how trade-offs can impact the design of a product Lessons
8.2.8.ED.7 Design a product to address a real-world problem and document the iterative design process, including decisions made as a result of specific constraints and trade-offs (e.g., annotated sketches). Lessons
8.2.8.ETW.1 Illustrate how a product is upcycled into a new product and analyze the short- and long-term benefits and costs. Lessons
8.2.8.ETW.2 Analyze the impact of modifying resources in a product or system (e.g., materials, energy, information, time, tools, people, capital). Lessons
8.2.8.ETW.3 Analyze the design of a product that negatively impacts the environment or society and develop possible solutions to lessen its impact. Lessons
8.2.8.ETW.4 Compare the environmental effects of two alternative technologies devised to address climate change issues and use data to justify which choice is best. Lessons
8.2.8.ITH.1 Explain how the development and use of technology influences economic, political, social, and cultural issues. Lessons
8.2.8.ITH.2 Compare how technologies have influenced society over time Lessons
8.2.8.ITH.3 Evaluate the impact of sustainability on the development of a designed product or system. Lessons
8.2.8.ITH.4 Identify technologies that have been designed to reduce the negative consequences of other technologies and explain the change in impact. Lessons
8.2.8.ITH.5 Compare the impacts of a given technology on different societies, noting factors that may make a technology appropriate and sustainable in one society but not in another. Lessons
8.2.8.NT.1 Examine a malfunctioning tool, product, or system and propose solutions to the problem. Lessons
8.2.8.NT.2 Analyze an existing technological product that has been repurposed for a different function. Lessons
8.2.8.NT.3 Examine a system, consider how each part relates to other parts, and redesign it for another purpose. Lessons
8.2.8.NT.4 Explain how a product designed for a specific demand was modified to meet a new demand and led to a new product. Lessons