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Introduction to Computer Science in C++

The Introduction to Computer Science in C++ focuses on broad computer science concepts such as input/output, variables, control statements, and basic data structures. The course emphasizes problem-solving skills while focusing on real-world assignments and projects.

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Middle School, High School
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Programming Basics
In this module, students will learn basic C++ programming syntax, including input/output, variable types, and math functions.
Project: College Calculator
In this module, students will create a calculator that can compute the cost of attending college. After researching the college of their choice, students will be able to see a hypothetical cost of attending college based on their calculator.
Program Control
In this module, students will extend their skills as they learn about basic program control, including if statements, while loops, and for loops.
Project: Algebra Test
In this module, students will use random numbers, loops, and conditional statements to create an algebra quiz asking the user to solve simple two-step algebra equations. Students will keep track of the number of questions correct and print out the results at the end.
In this module, students will explore the use of functions, including the use of parameters and return values. They will then use these as they look at functional decomposition to help make their programming problems easier to solve and their code easier to read.
Project: Game of Nim
In this module, students will create two different versions of the game of Nim. Nim is a mathematical strategy game where two players remove items from a stack in turn. In their versions, students will create a game to play against the computer.
In this module, students will learn how to use vectors, a basic data structure designed to hold a list of values of the same type.
Project: Mastermind
In this module, students will recreate a version of the classic strategy game Mastermind. The project utilizes skills learned in all modules with an emphasis on problem-solving as students will be challenged to figure out the logic of which pegs need to be placed.

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