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Arizona Software and App Design I

The Arizona Software and App Design I Course is intended to teach students the fundamentals of web design and development in a project-based learning environment. Students will learn the basic elements of web development, such as web hosting, creating HTML/CSS files, and incorporating Javascript into HTML files. Students will also learn about digital citizenship and software security techniques. Over the course of the school year, students will collaboratively and independently design, develop and implement functional and responsive web pages using these foundational skills.

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Digital Citizenship and Cybersecurity
Students learn about Internet etiquette and how to stay safe on the world wide web. Students also look at the potential effects of our digital footprints, how to protect information from online risks, and the implications of cyberbullying.
HTML - Structuring Websites
Students learn about the language behind all websites: HTML. Students learn about several different HTML tags as well as the basic structure of a web page. Students use HTML to develop several of their own creative web pages.
CSS - Styling Websites
Students learn the language CSS and use it to style their web pages. Students learn about the benefits of styling with CSS and will use CSS to create several styled web pages of their own.
Advanced HTML and CSS
This module dives deeper into different things we can do with HTML and CSS. Students practice advanced topics in HTML and CSS, including visibility, image filtering, interaction, and animation, to develop more advanced websites.
Project - Create Your Homepage
Students build their own websites about themselves. This site will be accessible on their own custom domain and will be continually improved by the student as they continue on in the course. It will serve as a running portfolio of each creative project they create in the course.
Introduction to Javascript in HTML
Students learn about the script tag, and how it can be used to write JavaScript code in their HTML files. Students will also be introduced to useful JavaScript methods that can be used to alter the state of the CSS and HTML of a webpage, as well as how the Document Object Model supports the ability to make such changes.
Using JavaScript Libraries
Students are introduced to jQuery, a JavaScript library that makes webpage interaction easier. Students will learn the basic syntax of jQuery, how to incorporate it in their webpages, and useful methods that help animate and change the responsiveness of their websites.
Project: Build an Interactive Resume!
Students create a single page, interactive resume. Students are expected to add several animations using jQuery to prove their ability to modify HTML and CSS. This unit also examines web design theories that can help students improve the aesthetics of their resumes, and to evaluate the quality of a website based on its layout.
Storing and Collecting Data
Students explore the role that data plays in creating websites. Students will learn about the various ways that data is taken from webpages, as well as ways to secure themselves from unwanted data collection. Students also learn how to incorporate data collection into their own websites, and collect simple information from users.
How to Build and Maintain a Website
Students explore how to store web files, secure a domain name, and maintain a website. The majority of the lessons will be explanatory - students will not be expected to host and maintain a webpage off CodeHS, but will be given the tools needed to do so if they desire.
Software Security
Students learn what happens when running a web application and how to look inside web apps using developer tools, source code, and more. Students learn basic SQL and common attacks like SQLi, and by the end of the module, students will be able to recommend solutions for flawed security systems.
Project - Iterate Your Web Development
Students are tasked with creating a website of their own choosing. The website will have to follow specific criteria - certain number of pages, responsiveness, and use of APIs. Students go through a feedback process, and learn about making their websites more accessible to a wide array of users.
Computer Science Careers
Students take some time to explore and discover different computer science careers and professional student organizations. They will also examine inclusive coding and how to avoid bias in computer programming.

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Demo Programs

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Arizona Software and App Design I is aligned with the following standards

Standards Framework View Alignment
Certiport IT Specialist HTML and CSS View (88.2%)
Certiport IT Specialist HTML5 App Development View (82.4%)
Arizona CTE Software and App Development View (58.4%)

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