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Georgia Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

The Georgia Foundations of Artificial Intelligence is the introductory course in the Artificial Intelligence pathway. This course explores the foundations of Artificial Intelligence in society and the workplace. Students will learn the basics of programming in Python and will apply their skills to fields where artificial intelligence is used.

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What is AI?
Students learn what defines AI, how it is used, how it plans to be used, and the social and ethical implications of its use in society.
Data and Artificial Intelligence
Students learn how data is stored digitally, how to use spreadsheets to organize and analyze data, and how big data is used in artificial intelligence.
Basic Python and Console Interaction
Students learn the basics of programming by writing programs that interact with users through the keyboard.
Students teach their programs to make decisions based on the information it receives.
Students learn how to write more efficient code by using loops as shortcuts.
Functions and Exceptions
Students learn how their programs can be decomposed into smaller pieces that work together to solve a problem.
Project: Create a Chatbot
Students learn how chatbots use artificial intelligence and use the Design Thinking Process to create a rule-based, informational chatbot on a topic of their choice.
Students use more sophisticated strategies for manipulating text in their programs - slicing, concatenating, and formatting.
Creating and Altering Data Structures
Students learn how tuples and lists are formed and the various methods that can alter them.
Project: AI and Gaming
Students learn how AI is used in gaming. Students use their understanding of data structures to develop a tic tac toe game with a non-player character.
Computer Science Careers
Students take some time to explore and discover different computer science careers as well as learn about important work readiness skills. Students will also research about professional student organizations and the benefits they offer to their members.

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