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Intro to Programming with Karel and micro:bit

Lesson 7.3 Operators




These are all the activities included in the lesson

7.3.1 Arithmetic, Comparison, and Logical Operators
7.3.2 Arithmetic, Comparison, and Logical Operators
7.3.3 Using Arithmetic Operators
7.3.4 Using Comparison Operators
7.3.5 Using Logical Operators
7.3.6 Light LED based on Values
7.3.7 Exploration: Light Sensor
7.3.8 Exploration 2.3a Follow-up
7.3.9 Light Detector
7.3.10 Exploration: Temperature Sensor
7.3.11 Exploration 2.3b Follow-up
7.3.12 Temperature Monitor
7.3.13 Exploration: Accelerometer
7.3.14 Exploration 2.3c Follow-up
7.3.15 Brightness by Acceleration
7.3.16 Real World Application: Night Light