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Teaching AP CS Principles with Python

Lesson 2.5 The CodeHS AP CSP Course


These are all the activities included in the lesson

2.5.1 The CodeHS Syllabus
2.5.2 Syllabus Quiz
2.5.3 Course Audit
2.5.4 Free Response: What are we learning?
2.5.5 Free Response: Get Excited!
2.5.6 Recruiting Students
2.5.7 Brainstorm: Recruiting
2.5.8 Recruitment Email
2.5.9 How Does Karel Fit In?
2.5.10 How Does Karel Fit In Quiz
2.5.11 Handout - Meet Karel
2.5.12 Free Response: Why Karel?
2.5.13 Starting With JavaScript
2.5.14 Starting With JavaScript Quiz
2.5.15 Free Response: Why JavaScript?
2.5.16 What is AP CS Principles Badge