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Introduction to Virtual Reality

Lesson 2.1 Advanced Shapes




These are all the activities included in the lesson

2.1.1 Boxes in Detail
2.1.2 Boxes Quiz
2.1.3 Boxes
2.1.4 Stairs
2.1.5 Put the Box on the Floor
2.1.6 Even More Shapes
2.1.7 Shapes in A-Frame Quiz
2.1.8 Watermelon Patch
2.1.9 Balancing Act
2.1.10 Make a City
2.1.11 Comfy Chair
2.1.12 Great Pyramids of Egypt
2.1.13 Garden Sculpture
2.1.14 Endless Supply of Shapes
2.1.15 Create A New World
2.1.16 Advanced Shapes Badge