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Digital Art with p5.js

The Digital Art with p5.js course explores the intersection of art and computer science. Using p5.js, a free and open-source JavaScript library for creative coding, students create digital drawings, animations, and interactive sketches while also learning how to code.

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Middle School, High School
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Getting Started With p5.js
Students explore the intersection of art and coding. Students learn the fundamental concepts of p5.js and create their first sketch using p5.js shape-drawing and color functions.
Students learn techniques to turn their static sketches into animations. Students learn how to change the value of variables to animate the position, color, and transformation of shapes.
Students learn about interactivity and how to create sketches that react to user input. Using system variables provided by p5.js, students add conditional logic to their code that modifies the composition when mouse and keyboard input is detected.

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Demo Programs

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