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Game Design in Unity - Semester Two

This second semester course teaches students the fundamentals of game design by using Unity's game engine. By the end of this course, students will understand the design planning process, be knowledgeable of industry related careers, and be able to navigate the Unity environment in order to create their own 3D games. This course will be launched in the Fall of 2021.

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Course Overview

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Effects in Unity
Students learn about game environments and level design. They add effects to game environments such as light objects, particle systems, camera angles and movement, and sound effects.
Project: Design Your Game
Students apply their understanding of the game design process by creating a storyboard for a game they will develop across multiple modules.
Creating in Unity
Students dive deeper into major Unity practices, learning to develop their own prefabs, physics interactions, and multiple levels.
Project: Prototyping and Testing Your Game
Students continue designing their next video game while learning the value of prototyping their game throughout the design and development process.
Project: Finish Your Game
Students apply the skills they've learned throughout the course to finish and publish their game!

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