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Coding in Science

Coding in Science is a series of independent, standalone modules that use coding to reinforce and extend students' understanding of science! As they learn major programming concepts, they will develop science-related projects that demonstrate their proficiency in both science and computer science.

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Middle School, High School
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Coding Gravity
[Middle or High School, 4-6 Hours] Students learn about the Universal Law of Gravity as they develop and use their own gravity simulation to explore its various effects.
Punnett Square Generator
[High School, 2-4 Hours] Students use Turtle Graphics in Python to create their own Punnett Square generator by using if/else statements, string indexing, and string methods to print the genotypes from each allele pair.
Exploring Collisions
[High School, 2-4 Hours] Students use JavaScript graphics to create their own elastic collision simulation using conservation of momentum and kinetic energy equations.
Bouncing Ball Simulation
[High School, 2-4 Hours] Students create a bouncing ball simulation in JavaScript, complete with gravity and collisions!

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