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Indiana Computer Science III: Cybersecurity

This course introduces secure software development, security threats, principles, strategies, coding techniques, and tools that can help make software fault-tolerant and resistant to attacks. Students also learn about cryptography, information theory, computational complexity, and number theory.

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What is Cybersecurity?
Students explore the basics of cybersecurity. Students will learn about why cybersecurity is important, recent threats to cybersecurity, and different careers in the field.
The ABCs of Cryptography
Students dive into the history of cryptography systems, encryption systems, and basic cryptography systems. Additionally, students explore topics on how to use cryptography, cryptology, and cryptanalysis to decode a message without the use of a key.
Project: Classic Cipher Newscast
Students create a newscast in teams! Each team will be given a different **classic cipher** (beyond Caesar and Vigenere) to research and address in their newscast.
Advanced Cryptography
Students learn advanced principles of cryptology and explore concepts of encrypted email, digital certificates, private key certificates, different types of SSL certificates, the chain of trust and how a Certificate Authority (CA) works.
Project: Steganography
Students explore steganography and create an encryption algorithm to conceal and hide a message within the pixels of an image!
System Administration
Students compare and contrast common operating systems (Windows, Linux, OS), investigate security options and implement user accounts to enforce authentication and authorization.
IT Infrastructure
Students learn about the physical elements of computers and networking, such as motherboards, RAM, routers, and the use of port numbers, ethernet, and wireless devices.
Project: Troubleshooting
Students explore the troubleshooting methodology and utilize it to solve sample IT support issues.
Software Security
Students learn what happens when running a web application and how to look inside web apps using developer tools, source code, and more. Students learn basic SQL and common attacks like SQLi.
Project: Put it in Writing!
Students develop a training policy that informs employees on matters of network security and details the company policy on preventative measures employees should take.
Risk Management
Students demonstrate skills in conducting vulnerability scans and recognizing vulnerabilities in security systems.
Project: The Game of Risk
Students design and create a board game or a card game that will help players to identify randomized security vulnerabilities and appropriate defenses.
Introduction to Cybersecurity Pretest
Introduction to Cybersecurity Posttest

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