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Computer Science in Journalism

Telling powerful stories with the use of technology and data

Journalism and computer science may seem like two very different career pathways, yet there is a growing interest in hiring journalists with tech skills. Computer science can be used to help design and build platforms, algorithms, and applications for journalists as they pursue research and develop new stories backed by data. It's a journalist's responsibility to present data-based stories in a way that is clear and easy to understand for their viewers.

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Hear from people who use their programming skills and knowledge to advance the field of Journalism and how the industry is changing today.

All the newest computer science tools—computer vision, machine learning, big data, robotics, virtual reality—will allow this group of journalists to tell stories in new ways and to uncover important information.

Lindsey Cook

Editor & Digital Storytelling at New York Times

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Computer science is helping to shape and expand the journalism industry.

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