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Python Basics with Tracy 1

The Python Basics with Tracy 1 course teaches students the basics of programming in Python. Students learn Python commands, functions, control structures, and user interaction by solving puzzles and writing creative programs for Tracy to follow.

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Middle School
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Course Overview

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Tracy's World
Students learn about the world Tracy lives in and how to write commands that she will understand. They also look at a history of programming languages and some of the different characteristics programming languages can have.
Moving Tracy
Students build on the commands they have learned to instruct Tracy around all parts of her world and use for loops to make their code more efficient.
Designing and Communicating Solutions
Students explore useful ways to break down large problems to write readable and successful programs.
[Project] Design a Mural
Students review all they have learned so far by completing a project where they will use Tracy to design a mural.
Controlling Tracy with Variables
Students learn about data types and how variables can be used in their Tracy programs. They also begin to learn how to manipulate strings in their programs, and learn how to add user interaction to their programs through user input and mouse click events.
[Project] Cycle Depiction
Students apply the concepts they have learned so far by completing a project where they will use Tracy to depict a common cycle.
Making Decisions
Students learn how to use if/else statements and while loops to instruct Tracy to make decisions based on conditions. They also learn how to return values from functions.
Putting It All Together
Students put together all of the concepts they have learned to solve advanced Tracy puzzles and complete a final quiz.
[Project] On-Screen Calculator
Students have a chance to apply all the skills and concepts they've learned in this course by completing a project where they will use Tracy to create a calculator that can be used to complete simple mathematical expressions.

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