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Arkansas Programming I (Python)

Lesson 14.1 History of Computers




These are all the activities included in the lesson

14.1.1 History of Computers
14.1.2 Video Quiz
14.1.3 Mission: Who invented the computer?
14.1.4 Evidence Collection
14.1.5 Exhibit A: Charles Babbage
14.1.6 Exhibit B: Ada Lovelace
14.1.7 Exhibit C: Alan Turing
14.1.8 Exhibit D: Mauchly and Eckert
14.1.9 Exhibit E: ENIAC Programmers
14.1.10 Exhibit F: Grace Hopper
14.1.11 Exhibit G: Mark Dean
14.1.12 Bonus Exhibit: Computer Inventors
14.1.13 Culminating Activity